10 top tips

Create the right impression, first time when applying for roles with bartlett mitchell Ltd

Step 1:

It’s great that you are thinking of applying for a role with Bartlett Mitchell Ltd, So to get started, gather your thoughts about your experience and skills and how you can add value when working with us.

Step 2:

Make some notes and review your ideas. You may have some transferable skills that can be used in catering, hospitality, team leading and management. We would love to hear about this.

Step 3:

Look at your qualifications and any certificates that you have for exam results and achievements in all areas of your life. Achievement can be in any area and shows your hard work so don’t forget to tell us about this.

Step 4:

Get your personal details up to date. Your email address and phone contact details are important for us to respond to your application so check the spelling and ensure your accounts are active: otherwise you may not receive our replies.

Step 5:

Now define the area or role you want to apply for. Are you looking in areas that you can travel to? You may need to be at work early so check out your travel plans and apply for roles that you can get to each day.

Step 6:

Read the application form and complete the necessary fields.

Step 7:

Take a quick coffee break and really think about the information you have provided.

Step 8:

Read through each of your answers for the information you are submitting. Is it correct? Is it spelled accurately? Have you forgotten anything?

Step 9:

Check your responses and answer all questions truthfully: remember that you will need to have the right to live and work in the Uk to work with us
You will need to bring current documents to prove this to any interview you attend.

Step 10:

Remember to check your emails as we will contact you by email to let you know how you have progressed in your application to work with us.

Do check out the website regularly as we update our vacancies every week.
And remember that if you are unsuccessful for one role, please do apply for other roles in the future as many of our vacancies are very specific and based on client requirements which vary considerably.